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Expert Management

Our services are super-fast and stable a mixture of artificial intelligence intuitive user interface that enables you to carry out transactions superfast.

Due diligence

Our experienced and knowledgeable analyst team assesses each crypto project before becoming eligible to enter the index - helping avoid suspect projects that the typical investor might not avoid.

Verified Security

We store the vast majority of the digital assets held on AGL in secure offline storage mitigate against thefts and hacks ,you can rest assured that your funds are safe.

Diversified cryptocurrency investment

Stockbrace holds the top 20 crypto assets, allowing the token price to track movements of the broader crypto market. The fund's holdings are re-balanced on a weekly basis (with no asset taking up over 10%). This greatly simplifies tracking of broader market's performance.


Welcome to Stockbrace

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At Stockbrace, We help business owners, individual and entrepreneurs realize their ambitions by providing access to Cryptocurrency trading, Stock marketing and daily ROI to both local and international investors to grow their capitals and businesses.

Through our innovative funding project and our very own investor platform, we provide investors worldwide with democratized investment access. With our products, we create high-return investment opportunities that everyone deserves.

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